Product Overview

Comparison Summary

Comparing the software products CAD4U-XS, CAD4U and CAMOD.

Distinctive Marks
N.B. This is NOT a full feature list and it's based on the latest versions!
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    Windows 10, 8.x and 7
    (32-Bit and 64-Bit)
  • Lots of different drawing, editing, text, associative dimensioning and hatch functions, Area fill. Integrated graphical library structure with index pages.
  • Integrated DXF- and DWG-Im- and Export
  • Integrated PDF-Im- and Export
  • Single User Version:
    20 days try-out period with Serial Number.
    Unlimited license requires Activation Code!
yes yes yes

CAD4U Network Version:
Available for 5 CAD4U workstations or more.
Requires customerspecific CAD4U NetworkLogin Module.

no yes no

Drawing Windows

Max. 2 Max. 16 Max. 16

Drawing Layers

0-9 0-999 0-999

Number of Index Pages for graphical library management

1-99 1-59.999 1-59.999
  • Print Zoomview (=unscaled printout of current view)
  • Close Gaps (=close very small gaps between elements)
  • User Defined Line Styles, User Defined Hatch
  • Extraction of Text-Attributes (=Parts listing)
  • Stretch, Datasort
  • Implode, Group Export
  • Save Zoom, Load Zoom
  • View Options
  • Datasnap Toolkit
  • Path-Features (in all group selection palettes)
  • Vector plotting via PLT plotter drivers
no yes yes
  • Special features for architectural model-making application
  • Converts tilted roof planes into their real sizes
  • Various data sort routines
  • Automatic calculation of CNC-contours, incl. consideration of milling tooldiameter and incl. automatic data sort
  • Direct output to ZUND milling and cutting machines
no no yes

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